What's New (2019 Updates)

This article shows updates from 2019. For latest updates, see What's New.

Dec 2019


  • Introducing QuickSnap, a faster way to create your diagrams. Selected items have anchor points, allowing them to snap to other items.
  • Align & Distribute buttons. Arrange a group of items neatly and quickly.
    • Image

3.5 • Nov 2019

  • New items
    • 2 types of Test Tube Holders
      • Wooden Peg
        • Top and side views
        • Adjustable size
      • Metal
        • Adjustable size
    • Centrifuge tubes
      • Falcon Tube
        • Adjustable size, cap and cap colour
      • Eppendorf Tube
        • Adjustable size and cap position
    • Flame (Decorative)
      • Adjustable size and number of flames
    • Heating mantle (Heating)
  • Item improvements
    • Crucible tongs (Heating)
      • Add the "Beaker/Crucible tongs" and select the "Crucible tongs" option.
    • Added option to show arrows on Stirring Rod.
    • Resizable burette holder and burette
  • Other improvements and changes
    • "Erase all" button in the search bar
    • Precise movement using keyboard
      • Hold Ctrl / Command key + Shift + Arrow key to move by small amount.
    • Plans are now called "Start" and "Boost"

3.4 • Nov 2019

  • Added 9 GHS Hazard symbols
  • Behind-the-scenes general bugfixes and improvements
    • Faster loading times for repeated visits
    • Faster first time load using deferred scripts
    • Sliders not updating correctly for certain items
    • Added synonyms for existing items

3.3 • Oct 2019

  • User Accounts are here!
    • You can now create an account and sign in using a Google, Twitter or Facebook account.
    • Signing in unlocks extra items and additional customisations, all for free!
    • By creating an account with Chemix, you help us test new future features, such as saving images to the cloud, personal customisations etc.
  • UI Improvements
    • New top bar layout, to accommodate more features in the future
    • New font Rubik, improved readability and clarity
  • Item improvements
    • Bunsen burner has a new design and an adjustable collar
  • New items
    • pH Probe (Measurement)
      • Adjustable meter reading
      • Left/Right probe placement
    • Conductimeter (Measurement)
      • Adjustable meter reading and 2 units
      • Left/Right probe placement
    • Thistle tube (Filtering)
      • Adjustable size
    • Pipette Bottle (Measurement)
      • Adjustable size
    • Burette Holder (Metallic)
      • Both sides posable
    • Spirit Lamp (Heating)
      • Adjustable red flame

3.2.2 September 2019

  • Improvements
    • Filter paper now can optionally contain residue: tick the checkbox titled "Residue". Residue colour is fully customisable
    • New, smoother, dark-themed loading screen
    • Usability improvements for iPad and mobile devices
    • General stability improvements and bug fixes
  • New items
    • Crystals:
      • 3 styles: Cubic, Octagonal and Rhombic shapes.
      • Resizable, with various layout configurations.
      • Customisable to any colour.
    • Ice cubes: Customisable size.
    • Metal strips:
      • Straight and bent shapes
      • Customisable size and colour.
    • Powder pile:
      • 3 shapes: Round, smooth and lumpy
      • Customisable colour.

3.2.1 September 2019

  • Added JPG Export: New export format, produces images with white background.
  • Added colour preview to colour picker
  • Added dark theme to colour picker and modal dialogs
  • Fixed flashing liquid colour when selecting new colour
  • Fixed colour changes in various apparatus is now undoable
  • Fixed icons in notifications
  • New items:
    • Digital thermometer: 2 brands, adjustable display reading and unit
    • Calorimetry cup
    • Water condenser: variable size
    • Cold finger
    • Wash bottle

3.2.0 September 2019

  • 8 New items:
    • Bubbles: Multiple options for quantity, size, spacing etc.
    • Conical Flask with Side arm
    • Separatory Funnel
    • Buchner Funnel
    • Beehive stand
    • Clay triangle: Front and side view
    • Boiling tube + Boiling tube with side arm
    • Cuvette
  • Improvements:
    • Option to display Bunsen Burner as a simple arrow with the label "Heat"
    • Tube bend now defaults to standard 105 degrees instead of 90
    • Magnetic stirrer is now resizable
    • Magnetic stir-bar is now resizable

3.1.5 August 2019

  • New feature: Item reordering (Bring to front, send to back etc.)
  • Improvements
    • Optimised PNG rendering and export
    • New UI look for sliders
    • Boiling flask: Option for a flat bottom
  • New items
    • Sand bath: customisable size and sand level
    • Beaker tongs: customisable size and movable
    • Graham and Allihn condensers

3.1.4 August 2019

  • New Items
    • Ruler - variable size and colour. Both metric and imperial units.
    • Gas wash bottle - customisable outlets
    • Wooden splint - variable size
    • Glove
    • Goggles
    • Capillary tube - variable size
  • Fixed incorrect SVG export

3.1.3 July 2019

  • New items:
    • Gas syringe is back!
    • S-bent tube
    • U-bent tube
    • 3-way and 4-way tube
    • Tube width adapter
  • Minor fixes to modal dialogs

3.1.2 June 2019

  • New items:
    • Watch glass (can contain small amounts of liquids)
    • Spotting tile: 2x3, 3x4 and 4x4 configurations
    • Plastic/Disposable pipette
    • Bench mat in ceramic colour
    • Nail is back!
  • Item improvements
    • Default Tripod size adjusted to fit Bunsen burner
    • Drops can now be round and snap to Spotting tile dimples.
  • Fixed Margins on sliders in property panel

3.1.1June 2019

  • New items: Retort Ring, Tube with side arm, Sticker label,
  • Fixed error saving images in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
  • New features:
    • Arrow with labels can now be edited
    • Move items using keyboard
  • Item improvements:
    • Bung: Added hole, additional orange colour, round corners
    • Fixed Liebig Condenser
    • Table: Shorten or remove legs
    • Label: Larger font

3.1.0May 2019

  • Initial Early Access release


  • Enable HTTPS for added security
  • Added new help options and support chat
  • Improved Flash detection and prompt to enable


  • Bugfixes and mostly invisible under-the-hood upgrades to the engine, ready for future features!


  • New natural UI for selection and rotation (rotation tool removed)
  • Better framing of exported image
  • Unified experience for Chrome web app users
  • Toast message visual refresh


  • Fix for Firefox rendering bug
  • Wait dialog for image export


  • Fix bugs in apparatus sidebar
  • Potential fix for Microsoft Edge users


  • Official release of beta
  • Bin button for deleting selected items
  • High resolution image export
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste (Ctrl+X/C/V on PC/Linux, ⌘+X/C/V on Mac)


  • Added Undo/Redo (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y on PC/Linux, ⌘+Z and ⌘+Y on Mac)
  • Fix bug: Liquid level broken for certain rotations
  • Tool cursors
  • Delta (Δ) symbol for selection rotations
  • Updated toolbar icons


  • New rotation overlay
  • New styling options for 19 items: Volumetric Flask, Boiling flask, Gas Jar, Pipette, Clay triangle, Evaporating Dish, Crucible, Crucible Cover, Separating funnel, Pump, Syringe, Nail, Spatula, Test Tube Rack, Dessicator, Reagent bottle, 3-way tube, 4-way tube, S-tube
  • New snapping behaviour when rotating 1 item
  • Updated search terms


  • New styling panel UI, added radio buttons
  • Added style options for 12 items: Conical flask, Table, Tube, Bung, Thermometer, Tube bend, Glass Wool, Tripod, Wire Gauze, Petri Dish, Filter paper, Round Bottom Flask
  • Improved search terms
  • Fix bug: Selected items moved during save
  • Fix bug: Pressing delete while editing weight on a scale


  • View recently saved diagrams


  • Initial Beta release

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