Why upgrade to Boost?

In short: You get access to everything Chemix has to offer.

  • Access to all items.
  • Additional customisations on many items, such as filter paper, hazard signs, additional crystal shapes etc.
  • High Quality image exports
  • Write chemical compounds, formulas and units in labels (Learn more about this feature)
  • Exporting images in loss-less vector format (SVG)
  • Add more liquid layers in containers
  • Store up to 75 diagrams in the Cloud (Free plan only allows 3)

Access to all items

Items including the Schlenk lines, Burette holder, Fluted Filter Paper, Rotavap, etc.

High Quality Image Export

Excellent for printed handouts, publications, as well as online documents and presentations. Hiqh Quality gives crisper images with more details, by using 8x more pixels than Standard quality. Read more about Image Quality.

More customisations

While many items are free, additional customisations can be unlocked with the Boost plan: side-arm on the dropping funnel, more crystal shapes, thermometer sizes, collar on the bunsen burner, extra gas cylinder types, bubble colours...

You also get more options to customise text and shapes.

Smart detection of formulas and units

This feature is unique to Chemix, you won't find it anywhere else! Just type normally and Chemix will intelligently figure out the formatting of formulas and units for you! No more fiddling with formatting options or complicated interfaces, it just works like magic! Learn more about this feature.

Add several layers of liquids in any container: great for separation and titration experiments or just creating beautifully colourful mixtures.


For Pricing, please see this article.

How do I upgrade?

First, make sure you are logged in. Then click on  "My account"

Click on "Upgrade plan" and select the "Boost" plan to upgrade.

Do I need to upgrade?

No. Large portions of Chemix will continue to be free for students and teachers everywhere to enjoy. Only extra features and power features will be reserved for Boost users. 

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