License on images created with Chemix

Small Distribution

Images that you create with Chemix belong to you.

You can use them freely and legally in your teaching materials, student handouts and other documents, provided they are distributed in a limited setting, such as classes within your school.

Mass distribution

If you plan to distribute your material in public (e.g. in a research paper, as part of an online class, a book, stand or leaflet at an event etc.) or for commercial use,  please credit us as the tool used to create the images. You must include a link to us, either explicitly or as a hyperlink. You can also use our logo, containing our name, Chemix. Examples:

Created with Chemix (

Created with Chemix

Diagrams made in Chemix (

Diagrams made in Chemix

Created with


This requirement is waived if you upgraded to a subscription.

If in doubt, please check with us on or over chat.

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