Adding text labels and arrows

To label your diagram, there are 2 options:

Label Diagram Tool (recommended) Label Item
  • Has an option for an arrow to be attached
  • Supports multiple lines
  • Supports additional text, e.g. text alignment
  • Supports ChemText
  • Usually used to represent an actual physical label
  • Can be rotated
  • No arrow
  • Supports ChemText

Using the Label Diagram Tool

To add text and arrows to your diagram

First, Select the "Label diagram" tool.

  • Click to draw a label
  • Click + Drag to draw a label with an arrow

In the property panel on the right, you can edit the text as well as add adjust various properties:


Alternative: Use the "Label" item

An alternative is to add the "Label" from "Accessories > Labelling" section. Note this is intended to represent a physical paper label, to be used on glassware, bottles etc. but it can also be used for labelling the diagram itself.

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