What is Chemix?

Chemix is an educational app that lets you easily draw lab diagram setups and explain your experiments. It has a large library of highly customisable apparatus and various features to help you draw diagrams with ease.

Chemix is intuitive to use and easy to pick up. You'll be drawing complex diagrams in no time!

Special features make drawing scientific and experimental diagrams especially easy in Chemix, such as the ability to rotate containers with levelled liquids or to write chemical formulas and reactions by just typing them.

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You can store your diagrams in our Cloud, and open them later to edit, export or print - from any device, anywhere!

Is it Free?

The Free tier lets you use most of the app for free and images you create with Chemix belong to you: You can include them in instructions, teaching material, presentations, YouTube videos etc.

To unlock all features and items, see Subscription and Pricing.

Chemix is also available for schools and universities, at a special discounted pricing. Click here for more details.

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