How do I start using Chemix?

Chemix is easy to learn and intuitive to use. This crash course will get you started in 1 minute.


Adding an item

The list of apparatus is on the left. Scroll through the list and select an item to add it to the canvas.


Changing item properties

Select an item. A property panel will open on the right, allowing you to change the properties of the selected item. Depending on the item, you can change e.g. size, its colour, rotation of a valve etc.


Changing liquid properties

Click on the Liquid tab. From here, you can change the amount of the liquid, its colour, as well as add additional layers.


Adding labels and arrows

To add an arrow with a label, select the "Label" tool. Click and drag to draw an arrow. Use the property panel to adjust the options, including the text of the label.


Saving your image

Once done, you can

  1. Save your image by clicking on "Download image". You can select from various formats, including JPG, transparent PNG and SVG.
  2. You can also save your diagram to the Cloud, so you can edit it later, from anywhere.

That's it! You've mastered the basics and are ready to explore more features and draw your first real diagram.

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