How we handle your data


  • Chemix does not store any passwords - all sign-ins are done via third-party providers, such as Google or Microsoft. Your password stays securely with them

Email address, name and profile picture

  • When signing in, Chemix requests and stores the email address, full name and profile picture, as retrieved from the third-party provider's API. These are used to create an account with Chemix, so that subscriptions and diagrams stored in the cloud can be associated with the user.
  • The profile picture, where possible, is requested solely for the purposes for display in the application's interface (e.g. in the "My account" window)
  • The above details are only accessed by administrators when resolving issues or requests raised by the user, e.g.: problems with subscriptions, or requesting a cancellation.
  • The above details are never shared with any third-party
  • E-mail addresses obtained above are never used for sending any marketing or promotional materials of any kind, by neither us nor any third-party.

Payment details

  • Any payment details (credit card details, bank accounts) are stored securely with our trusted payment provider, Stripe. Chemix does not and will never store any payment details on its servers.

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