What's new?

Latest updates

  • New items: Mounted switch and mounted buzzer

  • New feature: You can now hide the sidebar and property panel to maximise editing space for your diagram

  • Fixed: French translations
  • Item upgrade: You can now move the strips on a 4.5V Battery and also show"+" "-" signs

  • Item upgrade: Separatory funnel now has a new "Round" shape and has a customisable tap direction

  • New item: Capacitor

  • New item: Bulb and motor, as plate-mounted electrical components

  • Improvement: The balance is now resizable

  • Improvement: Pycnometer is now resizable

  • Improvement: Sometimes when you reopen a diagram, the contents may not be visible. We've added a "Move items to center" button that allows you to quickly make your diagram centered and visible.

  • Improvement: Apparatus search is greatly enhanced for French, Spanish and German translations.
  • Fix: French translations (Étuve)
  • Update item: Voltmeter & Ammeter terminals can now be swapped around

  • Fix: French translations
  • Update item: Lab Jack has additional sizing options and improved visuals

  • New items: Syringe filter and Solid Phase Extraction cartridge.

  • Updated translations for French and German
  • New item: Autosampler vials, in 4 sizes and multiple cap optionse

  • Bug fixes:
    • Saving a diagram exceeding Cloud limit
    • Top bar incorrectly showing a scrollbar when signed in
    • Resizable oil bubbler
  • New customisation: New hand poses

  • New customisation: Petri dish with 2, 3 and 4 compartments. Individualised or same colour.

  • New item: Snail

  • New feature: macOS users can now pan and zoom using trackpad gestures
    • Pinch to zoom in/out
    • Two-finger drag to pan around

  • New items: Half-cell tube

  • New feature: Added language translations: German, French and Spanish
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • New items: Elliptical stir bar

  • New items: Claisen Head
  • New items: Litmus paper, particles
  • New item: Drying tube
  • New item: Isometric cube
  • New ChemText features:
    • Typing "+-" will auto-replace it with "±"
    • Typing "10_2" for subscripts and "10^2" for exponents. For example, typing "10_1 10_2 10_3" and "10^1 10^2 10^3":
  • New items: Vacuum Pump, Rubber tubing
  • New feature: New color picker.
  • New items: Ice bath, Soda Can
  • New feature: Assistant actions that will help you create your diagrams even more quickly.
  • Added 3 new items: Highly customizable Venturi Tube, lab coat and pycnometer
  • Added 7 new items: Spring, Dynamometer, Trolley, Light Gate, Ramp, Slotted Weight and Pulley
  • Added: Match stick, additional colour for stopper
  • Bugfix: Rotation handler would disappear after rotation
  • Added: Salt Bridge and Electrodes
  • New feature: ChemText now supports state matter notation
  • Option for side-view tap on Burette and Tap (both left and right)
  • Resizable fume hood
  • Crash recovery - reload last image when Chemix crashes
  • Minor UI updates



New features and improvements:

  • Draining: Burette, Filter funnel and other items can now be drained.

  • 300% Zoom: You can now zoom up to 3x for better viewing and accurate drawing
  • 1-pixel movement: At 300% zoom, using arrow keys move items exactly by 1 pixel, for precision placement
  • Paste in place: Ctrl+Shift+V (⌘+Shift+V on Mac) to place items in place
  • Custom crop frame update: When resizing an export frame, hold Shift to snap to round size values

New items

  • Tree
  • Daisy flower
October 2021


Physics Release 2: Optics

We are expanding the Physics set with another 7 highly customisable, dynamic items commonly used for Optics experiments!

  • Lenses: Both convex and concave. Customisable focal point. Option to show rays refracting through the lens
  • Glass block: Customisable block size, refractive index as well as ray angle of incidence.
  • Mirror: Resizable, option to show ray. Customisable angle of incidence.
  • Curved mirror: Both convex and concave. Customisable focal point. Option to show rays reflecting on the mirror.
  • Ray box: Customisable number of slits, including none.
  • Prism: Showing diffraction
  • Custom ray: When you need to draw your own rays, each segment can be repositioned manually. Up to 4 segments.

Additionally, all rays can be customised with thickness and colour of your choice.

September 2021


New items:

  • Septum seal: Various sizes and colours, snaps to necks of test tubes and flasks
  • Dimroth Condenser
  • Hands: Various poses and skin colour
  • Eureka Can: Option to fill the spout with liquid
  • Gummy bear: Various colours
  • Needle
  • Mouse
  • Computer
  • Soft-shell heating mantle
  • Plastic reagent bottle with nozzle: Resizable, options for nozzle colour
  • Spectronic-20
  • Variac / Autotransformer


  • Better selection for lines, curves and cables
  • Added: Coiled shape for Metal strip
  • Added: Spectrophotometer schematic now supports % Transmittance and fading of the ray near detector
  • Added: Round option for Gas wash bottle
July 2021


Image Cropping

  • You can now crop your diagram before downloading it. Ideal for creating multi-step instruction sheets, or creating animated images.
June 2021


Advanced Liquid Options

  • Pouring liquids out of containers. Available for specific items.
  • Meniscus effect. Available for specific items.
  • Manometer options: separate liquid levels, diameter and length for each arm.
  • Fixed incorrect liquid mask for calorimetry cup
  • More colours available for multimeter.
  • Fixed bug in Thiele Tube resizing
May 2021


First Physics Release

We are excited to announce that Physics items will now be part of Chemix too. Our first release focuses on Electric & Magnetic items, with a humble addition of 10 new items:

  • Powerpack
  • Cable (snaps to various items!)
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Multimeter
  • Resistor
  • Knife switch
  • LED
  • Magnet
  • Solenoid

Thank you all for voting in our Physics poll. We will be adding more items over time, please stay tuned. 

April 2021



  • New item: Piston chamber
  • New item: Magnifying glass
  • Additional colour for Table: Fire-proof (Black top + wooden legs)
  • Resizable Pestle and Mortar
  • Resizable Micropipette
  • New option to add a spout to the beaker
  • When downloading a diagram that is saved to the Cloud, the diagram name will be used as the file name instead of "chemix"
  • Improved loading speed
March 2021


New features

  • Editing multiple items of the same type is now supported

New items

  • Weight boat
  • TLC Development chamber
  • Centrifuge
  • Paperclip
February 2021


New items

  • Spectrophotometer (Device + Schematic Diagram)
  • Oxygen Saturation Probe
  • Triple-Beam & Beam Balances
  • Protractor
  • Choice Chamber
  • Combustion Spoon
January 2021


  • More spacious Property Panel: We've reworked the usability of the property panel, making it easier to scan and find the right options.
  • Improved colour picker: You can now manually enter the hexadecimal code of a colour
  • Right-click context menu: Right-click to easily and quickly access common functions 
  • Constrained shapes:
    • draw straight lines at 90/45 degree angles
    • draw squares and
    • draw circles
December 2020


  • New items
    • Sonicator
    • Pencil
    • Pen
    • Bottle
    • Adhesive tape
    • Candle
  • New features
    • Lamp and bulb now support more colours
    • Additional arrows: Stir/Swirl Arrow and Curved arrow
November 2020


Shapes update

  • New shapes:
    • Cubes
    • Spheres
    • Triangles
  • New items:
    • Improved Pipette: Includes new sizes with ISO-standard colour coding.
  • Improvements:
    • Improved Arrow editing (can independently move either end)
    • Added option for dashed line
    • Added option to set fill opacity on all shapes
October 2020


  • New items:
    • Fume hood
    • Faucet
    • Front-facing retort clamp
    • pH paper strips
    • pH paper pack
    • Drop Counter
  • Improvements
    • Balloon can now be deflated 
    • Add up to 5 liquid layers in a container
  • Bug fixes
    • Command+C, Command+V etc keyboard shortcuts will now work on macOS again
September 2020


  • Upgraded design
    • Symmetric, resizable, 
    • Added option for outlets on the same or opposite sides
  • Minor improvements:
    • Capillary tube now has greater variety of sizes
    • Resizable suction pear
    • New bolt design for clamps
    • New UI icons
August 2020


New features:

  • Choose stroke thickness for a diagram: Thin, Normal and Strong
  • UI Update: Compact UI for choosing liquid colour and opacity


New items:

  • Streaked Bacteria Cultures
  • Visking / Dialysis tube
  • Osmosis U-tube
  • Manometer
July 2020


  • 3 new items: Wooden test tube rack, balloons, star shape
  • Rubber stopper has a new option for a second hold
  • Slide-out side panel, to make navigating categories easier
  • Desk lamp size can be changed


  • 5 new items
    • Hydrometer, Vacuum Flask, Stick lighter, Torch burner, 3-way suction pear/pipette filler
  • Measurement items moved to their own category
June 2020


10 New items

  • Micropipette, Suction Pear, Steel Wool, 96 Microplates, Cell Culture Flask, Hoffman Clamp
  • Burette Clamp, Batteries, Camera, Video camera


  • Add support typing Greek letters
    • Type the name of the letter in brackets. Conversion happens on the closing bracket:
      • e.g.: "(gamma)" is converted to "γ"
    • For capital Greek letters, start the first letter with a capital letter
      • e.g.: "(Sigma)" is converted to "Σ"
  • 6 new items added:
    • Vigreux Condenser
    • Cow-type Adapter
    • Oil-Bubbler
    • Mohr-type pipette
    • Syringe
    • Tap
  • Separated Distillation and transportation items into its own module
May 2020



  • 20+ new items suitable for Biology experiments


New features

  • Aligning text labels
    • Note alignment is done on the text only. The arrow is ignored.
  • Move items horizontally/vertically by holding Shift while dragging them
  • Making Help screen more helpful by listing all keyboard shortcuts
  • You can now search your diagrams by name
  • Using ChemMark
    • you can type "oC" and "oF" for "°C" and "°F" respectively
  • Performance improvements


New feature: Shapes

  • Added: Rectangle, Ellipse, Arrow, Cross, Tick, 3D cylinder
  • Customisable stroke colour, stroke width and fill colour


New feature: Multi-layer liquids

  • Add up to 3 layers of liquid into any container
  • Adjust colour, opacity and position of each layer
  • Adjust blending/mixing between two layers
  • "Quick blend" - Quickly creates a blended mixture from one colour
  • Coloured bubbles
April 2020


New feature: Object grouping

When drawing complex diagrams, you may find it useful for certain objects to be joined together. You can do so by  Grouping them. Learn more about object grouping.


  • Edit arrows in 45 degree increments by holding Shift (thanks to Jordan Dialpuri)
  • Flame: Now supports custom colours and variable spacing between peaks


  • New items: Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) paper & spots
  • Improvements: Drawing arrows locks at 45 degree increments when holding Shift (thanks to Jordan Dialpuri).


  • New items:
    • Cylindrical Schlenk Flask (Look for "Schlenk Flask")
    • Rotary Evaporator
    • Schlenk Lines
    • Plastic Reagent Bottle
    • Nichrome loop
    • Cork rings
    • Hofmann Voltameter


  • UI Improvements:
    • Update size of selected items by dragging yellow diamond handles.
    • Sliders in the property panel now have text fields for direct input
Mar 2020


Label tool upgrade

  • Multiline text supported!
  • Change text sizecolour and font
  • Text alignment for multline text.
  • Arrows can now be hidden
  • Adjustable arrow size + thickness
  • New handles to adjust the ends of the arrow
  • Read more on how to use the new label tool


  • New items
    • Distillation flask
    • Distillation head
    • Pear shaped flask
    • Receiver adapter
    • Schlenk Flask
    • Dean-Stark trap
    • Soxhlet Extractor
  • Item improvements
    • Fractionating column now has space at the top for a thermometer
    • Thermometer: New size options: "medium" and "tiny"
    • Round-bottom flask: Shape and visual improvements 


  • We're supporting educators worldwide during the COVID-19 outbreak, extending our trial to 31 days.
  • If you have an existing subscription, please email info@chemix.org


(Available to all Boost users. On free plan, feature is limited to first 7 letters in any label or text)

Feb 2020



  • Improvement: Toggle display of arrow head on labels.


  • Chemix Cloud Beta
    • Save and re-open your diagrams! Chemix Cloud lets you store diagrams so you can come back to them later
  • UI Refresh
    • Unified controls, harmonized "dark night" theme.


  • Bug fixes
    • Arrow head hint is now only shown when using the Select tool.
  • Item improvements
    • Round bottom flask
      • is now snappable and can be placed on flat surfaces.
      • Option for four necks
    • Evaporating dish now has an option for a simpler style.
    • Filter paper has a new "Simple" option.
Jan 2020


  • New items
    • Lab jack: movable
    • Gas cylinder: various colours for both shoulder and body
    • Addition funnel: with an option for pressure-equalizing arm
    • Plastic joint clip: (Keck clips), multiple colours
    • Glass stopper: various sizes
  • Improvements
    • Fluted Filter paper, option for both folded and flat shape.
    • New balance design + option to add a windshield
    • White tile
    • Arrows now show a hint that the head can be moved, when selected


  • Improvement: Simplified condenser inlet/outlet, with added snap points.

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