What's new?

May 2021


First Physics Release

We are excited to announce that Physics items will now be part of Chemix too. Our first release focuses on Electric & Magnetic items, with a humble addition of 10 new items:

  • Powerpack
  • Cable (snaps to various items!)
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Multimeter
  • Resistor
  • Knife switch
  • LED
  • Magnet
  • Solenoid

Thank you all for voting in our Physics poll. We will be adding more items over time, please stay tuned. 

April 2021



  • New item: Piston chamber
  • New item: Magnifying glass
  • Additional colour for Table: Fire-proof (Black top + wooden legs)
  • Resizable Pestle and Mortar
  • Resizable Micropipette
  • New option to add a spout to the beaker
  • When downloading a diagram that is saved to the Cloud, the diagram name will be used as the file name instead of "chemix"
  • Improved loading speed
March 2021


New features

  • Editing multiple items of the same type is now supported

New items

  • Weight boat
  • TLC Development chamber
  • Centrifuge
  • Paperclip
February 2021


New items

  • Spectrophotometer (Device + Schematic Diagram)
  • Oxygen Saturation Probe
  • Triple-Beam & Beam Balances
  • Protractor
  • Choice Chamber
  • Combustion Spoon
January 2021


  • More spacious Property Panel: We've reworked the usability of the property panel, making it easier to scan and find the right options.
  • Improved colour picker: You can now manually enter the hexadecimal code of a colour
  • Right-click context menu: Right-click to easily and quickly access common functions 
  • Constrained shapes: Hold Shift to:
    • draw straight lines at 90/45 degree angles
    • draw squares and
    • draw circles
December 2020


  • New items
    • Sonicator
    • Pencil
    • Pen
    • Bottle
    • Adhesive tape
    • Candle
  • New features
    • Lamp and bulb now support more colours
    • Additional arrows: Stir/Swirl Arrow and Curved arrow
November 2020


Shapes update

  • New shapes:
    • Cubes
    • Spheres
    • Triangles
  • New items:
    • Improved Pipette: Includes new sizes with ISO-standard colour coding.
  • Improvements:
    • Improved Arrow editing (can independently move either end)
    • Added option for dashed line
    • Added option to set fill opacity on all shapes
October 2020


  • New items:
    • Fume hood
    • Faucet
    • Front-facing retort clamp
    • pH paper strips
    • pH paper pack
    • Drop Counter
  • Improvements (Boost subscription required):
    • Balloon can now be deflated 
    • Add up to 5 liquid layers in a container
  • Bug fixes:
    • Command+C, Command+V etc keyboard shortcuts will now work on macOS again
September 2020


  • Upgraded design for Allihn, Graham and Liebig Condensers and Fractionating Column:
    • Symmetric, resizable, 
    • Added option for outlets on the same or opposite sides
  • Minor improvements:
    • Capillary tube now has greater variety of sizes
    • Resizable suction pear
    • New bolt design for clamps
    • New UI icons
August 2020


New features:

  • Choose stroke thickness for a diagram: Thin, Normal and Strong
  • UI Update: Compact UI for choosing liquid colour and opacity


New items:

  • Streaked Bacteria Cultures
  • Visking / Dialysis tube
  • Osmosis U-tube
  • Manometer
July 2020


  • 3 new items: Wooden test tube rack, balloons, star shape
  • Rubber stopper has a new option for a second hold
  • Slide-out side panel, to make navigating categories easier
  • Desk lamp size can be changed


  • 5 new items
    • Hydrometer, Vacuum Flask, Stick lighter, Torch burner, 3-way suction pear/pipette filler
  • Measurement items moved to their own category
June 2020


10 New items

  • Micropipette, Suction Pear, Steel Wool, 96 Microplates, Cell Culture Flask, Hoffman Clamp
  • Burette Clamp, Batteries, Camera, Video camera


  • Add support typing Greek letters
    • Type the name of the letter in brackets. Conversion happens on the closing bracket:
      • e.g.: "(gamma)" is converted to "γ"
    • For capital Greek letters, start the first letter with a capital letter
      • e.g.: "(Sigma)" is converted to "Σ"
  • 6 new items added:
    • Vigreux Condenser
    • Cow-type Adapter
    • Oil-Bubbler
    • Mohr-type pipette
    • Syringe
    • Tap
  • Separated Distillation and transportation items into its own module
May 2020



  • 20+ new items suitable for Biology experiments


New features

  • Aligning text labels is now possible: You can now align text labels to other text labels and apparatus items!
    • Note alignment is done on the text only. The arrow is ignored.
  • Move items horizontally/vertically by holding Shift while dragging them
  • Making Help screen more helpful by listing all keyboard shortcuts
  • You can now search your diagrams by name
  • Using ChemMark
    • you can type "oC" and "oF" for "°C" and "°F" respectively
  • Performance improvements


New feature: Shapes

  • Added: Rectangle, Ellipse, Arrow, Cross, Tick, 3D cylinder
  • Customisable stroke colour, stroke width and fill colour


New feature: Multi-layer liquids

  • Add up to 3 layers of liquid into any container
  • Adjust colour, opacity and position of each layer
  • Adjust blending/mixing between two layers
  • "Quick blend" - Quickly creates a blended mixture from one colour
  • Coloured bubbles
April 2020


New feature: Object grouping

When drawing complex diagrams, you may find it useful for certain objects to be joined together. You can do so by  Grouping them. Learn more about object grouping.


  • Edit arrows in 45 degree increments by holding Shift (thanks to Jordan Dialpuri)
  • Flame: Now supports custom colours and variable spacing between peaks


  • New items: Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) paper & spots
  • Improvements: Drawing arrows locks at 45 degree increments when holding Shift (thanks to Jordan Dialpuri).


  • New items:
    • Cylindrical Schlenk Flask (Look for "Schlenk Flask")
    • Rotary Evaporator
    • Schlenk Lines
    • Plastic Reagent Bottle
    • Nichrome loop
    • Cork rings
    • Hofmann Voltameter


  • UI Improvements:
    • Update size of selected items by dragging yellow diamond handles.
    • Sliders in the property panel now have text fields for direct input
Mar 2020


Label tool upgrade

  • Multiline text supported!
  • Change text sizecolour and font
  • Text alignment for multline text.
  • Arrows can now be hidden
  • Adjustable arrow size + thickness
  • New handles to adjust the ends of the arrow
  • Read more on how to use the new label tool


  • New items:
    • Distillation flask
    • Distillation head
    • Pear shaped flask
    • Receiver adapter
    • Schlenk Flask
    • Dean-Stark trap
    • Soxhlet Extractor
  • Item improvements
    • Fractionating column now has space at the top for a thermometer
    • Thermometer: New size options: "medium" and "tiny"
    • Round-bottom flask: Shape and visual improvements 


  • We're supporting educators worldwide during the COVID-19 outbreak, extending our trial to 31 days.
  • If you have an existing subscription, please email info@chemix.org


(Available to all Boost users. On free plan, feature is limited to first 7 letters in any label or text)

Feb 2020



  • Improvement: Toggle display of arrow head on labels.


  • Chemix Cloud Beta
    • Save and re-open your diagrams! Chemix Cloud lets you store diagrams so you can come back to them later
  • UI Refresh
    • Unified controls, harmonized "dark night" theme.


  • Bug fixes
    • Arrow head hint is now only shown when using the Select tool.
  • Item improvements
    • Round bottom flask:
      • is now snappable and can be placed on flat surfaces.
      • Option for four necks
    • Evaporating dish now has an option for a simpler style.
    • Filter paper has a new "Simple" option.
Jan 2020


  • New items:
    • Lab jack: movable
    • Gas cylinder: various colours for both shoulder and body
    • Addition funnel: with an option for pressure-equalizing arm
    • Plastic joint clip: (Keck clips), multiple colours
    • Glass stopper: various sizes
  • Improvements:
    • Fluted Filter paper, option for both folded and flat shape.
    • New balance design + option to add a windshield
    • White tile
    • Arrows now show a hint that the head can be moved, when selected


  • Improvement: Simplified condenser inlet/outlet, with added snap points.

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